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True images of people I met

He is gloomy and pensive. But this is all just a facade, a mechanism to deal with his ugly past. He hopes to leave the past behind.

He is adventurous, and considerate. With new found pride and some happiness, he works on helping people. By doing so, he hopes to be released from the haunting memories of the past.

A lot can be assumed when you first see Benjamin Wright, but at the very least you'll find out he's athletic and disciplined. Of course he's also forthright, calm and outspoken, but these are in a way balance by being possessive as well.

His athleticism though, this is what he's often adored for. On many occasions people will count on this and his forgiving nature when they're feeling down.

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His children dislike him due to dominating and conservative characteristics. He himself has unpleasant memory in his childhood with his parents who had irritable and violent nature.


Fair is fair though, he has better sides too. He is incorruptible and spontaneous when around good friends.

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 A fairly young farmer with robust body and healthy thoughts.

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Nobody's perfect of course and Carlo has plenty of rainy days too. His instability and slyness pose plenty of problems and beyond what people are willing to deal with. Fortunately his heroic nature helps make sure these days are few and far between.

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